Casemiro carries confidence and wears an armband to lead the army “Red Devils”

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More than a hundred confident! Midfielder Carlos Casemiro “Red Devils” ready to wear the armband as captain of the team. and if given the opportunity, will do his best

From the news that the “Red Devils” Manchester United, the English Premier League giant club, has announced the sale of Harry Maguire, the team’s defender. that previously served Team captain until last season Performing poorly, causing him to rarely play on the field, resulting in Eric Ten Hag, the ทางเข้า ufabet team’s head coach, assigned the armband to Bruno Fernandes to act instead.

Casemiro carries confidence and wears an armband to lead the army "Red Devils"

For this season, although Bruno Fernandes, Portuguese national team player. Will still be a candidate to be the captain of Manchester United, but Carlos Casemiro, the Brazilian national team. He gave an interview to The role of the team captain He also loves the captaincy and wants to be a role model for the rest of the team.

Carlos Casemiro says I like to be the captain of the team. I like this role, being a leader, taking care of my teammates. It’s like someone who takes care of everything in the team. I like to set an example, like arriving first. More importantly, wearing the captain’s armband is nothing more than a symbol. But that player has an important role in talking to referees, players, and I like that role.

Carlos Casemiro, 31, joined Manchester United from Real Madrid in 2022 and has made 15 Premier League appearances and scored four goals.