Cash reveals Everton fan intentionally threw a bottle at him and his team-mates

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Aston Villa’s Polish right-back Matty Cash has revealed Everton fans intentionally threw a bottle of water at him and his team-mates after Aston Villa’s lead from Emiliano Buen. Dia

Everton are in a critical situation after failing to win several games in a row and failing to lose so often that they ended up in the bottom of the table and had a chance of falling into the “Everton”. Also relegated if it can’t get back to good form, Everton will need to sack Rafael Benitez as manager, citing poor performances before Duncan Ferguson is brought in. Become a temporary team UFABET manager

Duncan Ferguson had to take Everton on the pitch. Against Aston Villa were performing very well. Which in 45 minutes was Aston Villa did better. He got the lead first from the Emi Liano Buendia. But the moment Aston Villa’s players were rejoicing. A water bottle from Everton fans hit Matty Cash and Luca Digne’s heads. Causing a tumultuous moment. It was nothing much and the race continued before Aston Villa were on the winning side.

Matty Cash revealed that an Everton fan intentionally threw a bottle of water at him and injured his team-mates, but the match continued, with Matty Cash saying: “At that time, the water bottle It was clearly in my head and it was a bit of a no-brainer and in the 15 minutes before the end of time there was a huge drop from the Everton supporters and we had to deal with it. with such a dire situation before collecting the three important points.”