Gerard insists McGinn will not be released from the team.

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerard insists John McGinn remains a key player. There are no plans to let John McGinn leave the club.

I have to admit that John McGinn’s personal performance. Aston Villa has been excellent. He played a key role in helping Aston Villa to be elevated to a regular team in the English Premier League. Had to face a terrible time to part ways with Dean Smith before bringing Steven Gerard into the new manager, but John McGinn continued to do a great job. And is the main character of Aston Villa as before

A very good performance, John McGinn has been attracted. By Manchester United are now having problems in midfield, which John McGinn is likely to solve. Problems in the midfield of Manchester United certainly will have to pay higher than usual if they want John McGinn to join the UFABET team. But the latest is Steven Gerard confirmed that there will be no. The release of John McGinn from the team in all cases will have an interesting proposal to consider.

Our main task is to keep John McGinn at the club. Now we are not a team that is just looking to release players in the squad no longer without an answer from Screen. John McGinn will stay with us or not. But John McGinn remains a key player at Aston Villa. The interest in the player from the top teams shows. It shows that these players are doing great and consistent performances.