Gerard praised Buendia after heading the winning goal in the last game.

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Aston Villa’s England manager Steven Gerard hailed Emiliano Buendia heading the winner just before half-time to help Aston Villa’s win over Everton.

Although Aston Villa’s performance lately may not have been satisfactory. But it is enough to collect some points and have the opportunity to move up to the higher ranks. Verton’s slump in form shouldn’t be a difficult task for Aston Villa, with the first 45 minutes of the UFABET game as Aston Villa were better and nearly scored several times before Emiliano. Buendia has helped Aston Villa lead the way.

Although Everton had to change their game plan in the second half and almost equalized several times but failed to do so, and in the end, it was Aston Villa that collected three important points. Moved up to 10th in the table was completed. While Everton remained 16th. He also headed the winning goal for Aston Villa.

Although Emiliano Buendia is not a tall player. He always wins in the air. The last goal was a very beautiful goal for Emiliano Buendia. He deserves praise without a doubt. I am personally satisfied with the result in the last match.

On the incident, right-back Cash said: “It was crazy, it hit me straight in the head. It’s not nice but we got the three points, we’ll take that.

“It was a tough game to be fair. They threw everything forward in the last 15, 20 minutes. We said before the game we’ve got to deal with the horrible side of the game and we’ve done that really and picked up the points.”

Focusing on the match, Gerrard gave full credit to the players for picking up all three points at Goodison Park.

The Aston Villa boss told BT Sport: “It’s a big win for us. Credit to the players. It was a different style of game for us, especially in the second half. It was a case of us having to roll our sleeves up, stand up and be counted and really put our bodies on the line.

“It’s difficult to rehearse what came our way in the second half. It was direct, it was coming regularly so we had to fight and compete and win second balls. And every single person stood up to that.