Gundogan: Liverpool’s counter-attack was dangerous

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Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan admits Liverpool can punish Manchester City for their negligence, especially in Liverpool’s dangerous counter-attack.

Although previously Manchester City led to No. 1 in the table with excellent results with a continuous collection of victories, the title contenders Liverpool have performed as well. Together, the scores are still not far apart and a single mistake makes the gap of points only one point and the remaining 8 games have no chance for Manchester City to miss again if they hope to win the English Premier League. can come

But the next match, Manchester City will have to face a team to compete for the championship like Liverpool. The team that can win is almost guaranteed to win. The English Premier League immediately. Which Ilkay Gundogan admits that Liverpool are a team. That punishes Manchester City and should not be underestimated. Especially the counter-attack by Ilkay Gundogan said. Liverpool are the best team in the world. Clearly evident from their many successes. many years ago.

Of course, competing in the English Premier League is never an easy task. Especially against Liverpool, but we hope to be able to win it and we can’t miss it because Liverpool are a UFABET team. At the same level as us, plus Liverpool’s counter-attack is very dangerous and ready to punish us at any time. So we can’t be careless if we want to get three points.