Howe’s last win was very important.

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Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe admits Newcastle United’s recent win is very important to Newcastle United’s hopes of relegation.

Newcastle United are in a dire situation after having come to the bottom of the table. After winning just one of their 20 games and risking relegation. With if still unable to get good form back to bring Chris Wood. Kieran Trippier to join the ทางเข้า UFABET team. But the performance of Newcastle United is still not as good as before. It’s just that I can only draw with Watford, unfortunately.

And having to visit Leeds United is not an easy task at all. As Leeds United’s performance is considered very brutal with winning up to two games in a row and also playing in their own home country. But Newcastle United appeared to have defended Leeds United’s attack very well. I was close to scoring a number of times before Jonjo Shelvey helped Newcastle United take the lead. In the 75th minute, plus helping Newcastle United to successfully complete the victory.

Newcastle United are currently 18th in the table but Eddie Howe admits the latest win is very important, with Eddie Howe saying: “We’ve done a really good job. In the latest match, although the first half was a bit difficult, our defensive game was still strong before taking the lead in the second half and winning the last match was very important. for us