Italian Football Federation suspends ex-Juve president

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Heavy penalty! Andrea Agnelli, former president of Juventus club. He was handed an additional 16-month ban from Italian football. After being banned two years earlier for falsifying the club’s account.

Previously, the “Zebra” Juventus the famous Serie A football club in Italy was sued for two counts of financial wrongdoing namely for reporting. A higher than normal transfer fee for capital gains. And pretending to reduce the wages of 23 players for 4 months during the COVID-19 epidemic. But in fact, the reduction is only 1 month and then forge accounts to evade taxes.

Italian Football Federation suspends ex-Juve president

From such cases, Juventus was judged have the idea of ​​spoofing the account. Until causing the โปรโมชั่น ufabet team to be cut 15 points. Before being reduced to 10 points in the latest season by Andrea Agnelli. The club president and the club’s board of directors at that time many others have decided to resign. last November to show responsibility

At that time, Andrea Agnelli was hit by the Italian Football Federation. Italy’s football federation has banned Andrea Agnelli for an additional 16 months after he was found guilty of misconduct. build rapport with football agent Including building relationships with other clubs and Andrea Agnelli was fined another 60,000 euros, or about 2,28 million Thai baht.