Man City 1-0 Chelsea: Issues after the FA Cup game. The Blues won and advanced to the finals last night.

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  • Manchester City beat Chelsea 1-0 thanks to Bernardo Silva’s late winner.
  • Chelsea had several chances to take the lead, especially from Nicholas Jackson, but they weren’t decisive enough.
  • Manchester City will advance to the final. Wait to see the winner between Manchester United and Coventry City.
Man City 1-0 Chelsea: Issues after the FA Cup game. The Blues won and advanced to the finals last night.

Manchester City beat Chelsea 1-0 thanks to Bernardo Silva’s late winner and advanced to the final of the English FA Cup.

During the first half, Chelsea had many opportunities to score and take the lead. But not sharp enough, in the end it was Man City who were more strenuous. Even though the players just fought for 120 minutes in a European game in the middle of the week.

Manchester City will advance to the finals. Let’s wait to meet the winner between Manchester United and Coventry City next.

As for the issues we saw in the ทางเข้า ufabet game between Manchester City and Chelsea at Wembley, they are as follows…

A disappointing finish, Jackson.

Nicholas Jackson had one of those really forgettable games. The Senegal international has scored 13 goals in all competitions for Chelsea, but he has not had a great season in English football. After moving from Villarreal

The striker has been heavily criticized for allowing many golden opportunities to slip away. And once again, when facing Manchester City, a team that did not allow their opponents to shine much on them.

It really hurts the skull, especially the moment when he broke loose in the first half. Jackson was able to dodge Stefan Ortega, but he thought too much and refused to shoot. In the end, I didn’t look at it. Including the second half where two chances in a row still didn’t pass Ortega.

Imagine if Jackson’s chances turned into at least one goal. The game might have ended differently.

Handball drama

Cole Palmer is confident he should have been awarded a penalty. After the free kick hit the hand of Jack Grealish, who was clearly standing up against the wall, but Michael Oliver, the referee in this game, ignored him and did not go to see the incident on the monitor himself.

In addition, at this time, Oliver also ignored the corner kick against Chelsea, even though the ball hit a Manchester City player. Even VAR checked and agreed with the decision of the good referee.

It will be interesting to see how the VAR explanation turns out. Because from looking at the slow motion, it was clearly handball and the ball didn’t even ricochet and hit another part of the body first. The moment the arms were spread out, they were not close to the body either.

Dogu, the game changer

Jack Grealish was substituted shortly after a heavy tackle by Moises Caicedo, which left the English forward furious. But in the end, it was a turning point for Manchester City who were able to send Dogu down to create chaos on the left flank.

The Belgian international winger disturbs the Chelsea defence. And it’s dangerous every time you get the ball. An offensive dimension that is clearly different from Grealish, especially in the fire of Malo Gusto until the latter was injured.

Dogu was the starting point for the team’s winning goal. He was the one who paid for Kevin De Bruyne to ricochet towards Bernardo and shoot through Jorge Petrovic’s hands.

Maybe if Dogu had been sent down sooner. “The Blues” may not have to get tired of scoring goals at the end of the game.

Chelsea played too much solo football.

Meanwhile, Manchester City players try to find teammates almost every time they get the ball. In contrast, Chelsea players tend to dribble more.

It’s a pity for Chelsea because in this game they have the advantage of more strength because Manchester City just played in the middle of the week. And had to play until the penalty shootout before kicking this match.

Coordination between players in the squad is a problem for Mauricio Pochettino, despite having many good players, with a young and recently assembled squad. Therefore, they still need time to gel, unlike Manchester City, who have played together for a long time. There may only be a few new people coming in. It makes their game balance look much better.