Online Roulette Strategy by Betting on 12 Numbers

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To play your favorite casino games Players will also have different ways to make money. which today we have Strategies to make money Online roulette 12 numbers to bet. lucky wheel game Popular games in Europe What strategies will we have that will increase your chances of making money? give you the most It can help increase the income into the pocket every day. What kind, what are the methods? Let’s look at the technique of playing roulette. How to play to earn money

Roulette players usually win in one of two ways.

  • The first method is to bet on the number of numbers less than 18, or less than half of the numbers on the wheel. It’s the way most players use it. Just maybe change the new number in the next eye.
  • second method It is commonly used to bet on 12 numbers which are considered less than one third of the numbers on the wheel. And the player will bet on the same number in the next turn as well.

In this article, we’ll show you how to put the second method into practice with betting on just 12 numbers. It’s a 4-step strategy followed by seven rules.

Continued from the article What roulette numbers strategy must be used? to have a high chance of winning Make us want to use numbers to use numbers to bet on the steel ball wheel, bring luck, add a way to make money for you at ทางเข้า UFABET .

What is the 12 number online roulette strategy?

But before talking about that We’ll talk about the pros and cons. how to play roulette online A random number bet versus a series of consecutive bets to see the difference between the two more clearly.

online roulette 12 numbers

set of numbers

When a player randomly selects the number of bets in each game. It will make it difficult to see when to increase or decrease the bet amount. because the process of winning and losing is defined by the next set of numbers. If you have luck, you can bet on random numbers. But for professional roulette players often choose a number and bet on that number repeatedly, which helps the player manipulate the numbers when the chosen number will come out or when it will not.

In other words, although there is no guarantee that the selected number will be released or not. But at least the players It can determine the output format that makes the decision. to walk more easily

Knowing when to play and how much to bet It is the key to increasing your chances of winning bets. which would be impossible If players change their numbers every time they bet without a reasonable reason, like the Duke of Wellington, the military leader knows that. When to advance and when to retreat So if you want to win online roulette Players should also know to use strategic thinking.

Static chips

“S tatic chips ” is a term that I coined myself. Refers to the chip that is bet on the same set of numbers in a roulette bet. Betting on the same numbers creates order in the bets because orderly bets in random games like roulette are very common. There are advantages as mentioned above. That is, the frequency of winning and losing increases and decreases the bet itself.

It will reduce the pressure. In which the player must select the number in each turn down. This makes it possible to focus and manage your money better, stop loss and re-bet. These elements strengthen the Online Roulette Strategy Static chips betting allows players to use smart betting strategies better.

Knowing when to bet and how much to bet is all it takes to play roulette. Players can only do this by eliminating the problem of numerical selection from their bets in order to achieve a winning strategy and win money. Reward Even changing the number combinations every time you bet is fun. But it also makes it more difficult for players to control their bets.

Why are there 12 numbers ?

Why are there 12 numbers?

For European Roulette A bet on just 12 numbers is almost equal to 1/3 of the number on the wheel. Because excluding the green 0, there will be a total of 36 numbers that will be divided into 3 columns of 12 numbers in the layout, and 12 numbers in each of the 3 available Dozens. The winning bet is 12:1.

Even though there are still 25 numbers the player has not bet on. But it’s only 2/3 of the reels. Consecutive wins can be very profitable because the player profits 2 chips for every 1 chip of the same value. Whereas if you lose you will only lose 1 chip if you can manage the risk until you win by using smart strategies. Players will also have a chance to win more prize money.

How to choose 12 numbers for betting

Players can choose whether to bet on 2 numbers from a particular column or on one of the Dozens and bet on that number repeatedly, even if on the 12 of each suit. There will be both advantages and disadvantages depending on the position in the wheel. But there are still some gaps that are related to each other as shown below.

Although any set of 12 numbers has the same chance of producing a roulette result as any other two numbers. But choosing a two-digit set of columns or dozens is better than others.

Too many combinations of numbers

One of the advantages of betting like this is that Eliminate the problem of choosing the next 12 numbers for the next bet. Yes, choosing 12 out of the 37 numbers on the roulette wheel to bet can be a headache. Because obviously changing the numbers all the time will make the game more complicated. This makes it more difficult to create continual winning chances.

fast betting

Players can determine how much to bet. In fields that cover 12 numbers that are combined in columns or as Dozens, betting on 12 random numbers in each turn is tricky. Unless the Player bets on the same set of 12 numbers in every turn, bets on random numbers are It can be detrimental when players constantly want to increase or decrease their bets. especially when players do not have enough time to place the same

How to bet with this strategy

How to bet with strategy 12

Step 1: Prepare the numbers to bet on.

Pick 12 numbers to bet. If possible, numbers should be selected from the Dozen or Column series for the reasons mentioned above. But if you don’t like it, you can choose the numbers yourself as well.

Step 2: Take Notes Online Roulette 12 Numbers

Get a pen and paper and write down the outcome of each game. Let’s say you bet on the number from column 1 and record the result of each round.

Step 3: Analyze the resulting numbers written down.

After taking note of the results of the numbers Adding the word win or lose will give the player a visual visualization of the frequency of that outcome. This allows us to see if there is a chance that our chosen column will exit in the next rotation. On the other hand, this information will lead to bets on how much to bet or not to bet at all until waiting for luck to get better and not lose a single match.

Step 4: Use a Betting Strategy

When enough notes are taken It will make it possible to see what strategy is suitable to be played. Or the player can follow the 7 rules and then bet. online gambling as appropriate According to the winning rate of losing or will make a stop loss, stop playing when losing

Advanced Roulette Strategy

advanced strategy

  1. Bet 1 unit, which 1 unit depends on how much money we set. may bet with the minimum amount required Either for the entire column or for individual numbers.
  2. Alternatively, you may choose a double bet. For example, after 1 chip per turn, bet 2 chips when the number in the selected column is drawn twice in a row. Then add 2 more chips bet on 3rd win, bet in sequence only once. When losing, the player only loses 1 chip, but if he wins, he receives 4 chips, which is bet 2, but receives 6.

Ways to reduce wastage:

  1. Decrease the stake from 2 units to 1 unit, whether you lose or win the bet.
  2. Stop loss is to stop betting after losing 3 consecutive draws and wait for the number in 12. The selected character is removed again.
  3. Stop playing if you lose a total of 12 chips. Take a break and play again when your luck is better.

Running a new number:

  1. When a number in The 12 selected characters will be the result again after the play has stopped during a three-match losing streak. Lets start betting at 1 chip again.

End of the game :

  1. Stop playing as soon as the target profit has been achieved. Which I would suggest getting +4 to +8 extra money for each session is enough. A session means a long period of time for about 100 spins on the same wheel and then starting to count as a new session.

(If the result comes out as a number 0, do not count as a result, act as if nothing happened. to start betting Or stop betting stop loss when betting Do not forget to bet on the number 0, not more than 10 baht per bet 200 baht, so if assuming there is 2000 baht to bet on the number in the selected column then let allot come to bet on the number 0 for 100 baht)