‘Sir Jim’ hopes to become Manchester United’s full owner in the future. Revealing reasons for Qatar’s withdrawal

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Sir Jim’ hopes to become Manchester United’s full owner in the future. Revealing reasons for Qatar’s withdrawal

After it was reported that Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a British billionaire The owner of oil giant Eneos has bought a 25 percent stake in Manchester United for £1.35 billion (48,935 million baht), and will complete the deal this week. This caused a lot of news about the management within the club to follow.
The “Telegraph” reported that after Sir Jim came to hold shares. He will oversee all football aspects of the club. Meanwhile, Eric Ten Hag’s managerial chair remains strong because Ineos’ sports team has been very satisfied with Ten Hag’s work since he first took over as manager of the Red Devils. He will Definitely will continue to work. Regardless of the changes within the ufabet https://ufabet999.com club,

Sir Jim' hopes to become Manchester United's full owner in the future. Revealing reasons for Qatar's withdrawal

The “Manchester Evening News” reports that Sir Jim has an idea to expand the capacity of Old Trafford stadium from the current 74,310 seats to 90,000 seats future. If he becomes a full owner of the club in the future. In the coming period, Sir Jim will invest money in the club for the long term. And will try to buy shares until becoming a full owner of the club

As for Fabrizio Romano, a highly reliable Italian journalist. He reported that the reason why Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani. A Qatari billionaire, withdrew from the takeover of Manchester United. After the latest negotiations Because Sheikh Jassim has made an offer including the money used to buy the club. Managed to clear debts outstanding during the time the Glazers owned the team. Renovation of Old Trafford Stadium and Carrington Training Center Including various investments with the club. A total of 8,000 million pounds (289,987 million baht). But Glazer is still not satisfied. causing the Qatari side to withdraw from negotiations immediately

In addition, the Manchester Evening News also reported on the reason why the Qatari side ended the takeover of the Red Devils. The club’s current value is only £2,640 million (95,697 million baht), but the Glazers are unwilling to sell for the £5,000 million offer (181,245 million baht), which does not include money to be used for various developments. and pay off the club’s debts, which “The Athletic” reported on this matter Glazer wants to sell the club for £8 billion if someone wants to buy 100 per cent of the shares.