Teach the technique of playing Sic bo (Sic bo), how to play Sic Bo to get money, how to do it, come and see!!

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Everyone as Sic Bo online is one of the most popular gambling games in Thailand. with an easy way to play High payout odds And even better. If you play Sic Bo online, you can also use various Sic Bo formulas. For anyone who wants to know how to play dice to get money Click in. You will definitely get good techniques to use.

Sic bo dice game that Thai people play the most

When it comes to gambling that everyone knows. Of course the name Sic Bo is the number 1 online gambling that everyone knows. Even though actually playing high and low is not gambling that Thai people invented. But with an easy way to play, Sic Bo rules, not too busy, including still having a high payout rate Therefore, most people are popular with this form of gambling.

Nowadays, even playing Thai dice may be difficult to find because playing folk dice is not a legal thing. But if anyone is a member of an online gambling website. It likes play dice online Including looking for a formula to bet on dice to get money. Today we have a simple technique for dice players to present. What methods are there to see?

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Techniques for playing high-low dice

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For those who have little capital keep wanting money And do not want to bet on options with high risks, high and low bets are the most suitable options. This pattern is easy to do with View past statistics Continue by waiting for 1-2 consecutive low results, then prepare to place bets.

From 216 Sic Bo trials, it was found that House Edge, the casino advantage There is a low statistic of up to 108 times, if it is a %, that is 50%, quite different from a high bet that has a record of only 81 times out. Who wants to get money, low bet is the easiest way to say that

Taeng Tot recipe

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Tod bet, how to play dice to get money that most gamblers like to play Because it is an option that makes up to 5 payouts and is also the easiest way to make money. How to use this form of Sic Bo technique, as in the previous formula, is to look at the statistics table. If at the time you want to bet Which points are drawn often, choose 1 that number and choose another number that is the 2nd most often drawn.

Then take the 2 numbers that come out most often to bet, just as you can increase your chances of winning easily. Choose to bet 1 pair or 2 pairs, depending on which numbers are often drawn at that time.

Sic Bo Taeng Teng Formula

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Teng Teng is one of the easiest ways to make money. But how to make money easily You’ll need a helper like looking at historical statistics. to increase the chances of winning the bet As with other formulas, you will need to look at the points that are drawn the most during the time you place your bet. Then wait for a period of 2 – 3 turns to be sure that the number will come out. When you are confident, you place your bets right away. Just as much as you can easily bet correctly.

Online Hi-Lo formula, bet 3, leave 3

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This formula is similar to betting, but it increases the number of options more by increasing the bet to 3 numbers by selecting from the numbers that are often drawn from at that time. Once selected, bet on all 3 numbers of the same amount. If you lose, just sit back and look at the new stats again and wait until there are frequent numbers at the same time. Then place the bet again. I guarantee that this formula will make money for you for sure.

Hi-Lo betting formula

For people with low budget, you can skip this formula. Because this formula requires money to be compounded up to 4 times together. How to use this formula, you must have a capital of 1,000 baht ever. By having to divide the stake as follows: 100, 300, 200, 400 If you are lucky and win every eye, you will get 1,000 baht within 4 eyes only, even if you have bad luck, but if you use this formula, you will not lose. definitely

If you lose the 1st and 2nd turn and if the 3rd turn you win, you get back £400 and in the 4th turn you bet 400 and win your bet you get 800 back. You will get a profit of 600 baht ever. Although it may seem like a difficult and costly formula. But if you want to make a lot of money, it is recommended that you only use this formula.

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