The process of placing Rollover During playable vs. during play

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Most non-gamers and roulette players may want to increase or decrease their bets but do not know when and by how much. These players always ask me And some gambler guru can’t answer. It’s infuriating to see other players having fun raising their bets and winning their bets.

I don’t like to disappoint them, but I rarely roam around the tables, dice or roulette. I can stop gambling to go on vacation or do other activities at any time. because I know I can go play whenever And I don’t have to be there all the time.


[ Don’t forget: the casino has an advantage over the players every time they bet. unless the player creates that advantage by himself No matter how you bet, the winnings are likely to disappear with The house edge is good, the player’s victory is the player’s own money, which the player should always play based on this idea. not the idea that “I am betting with casino money” which is wrong and also very damaging.]

Yes, there is a way to increase the bet when the hand is up that most gamblers have been using for a long time. And since it is an effective method and has been used for a long time There are voices calling for these betting methods. So let’s see.

How to make a rollover bet

Rollover Betting Method Can be used both during play and during play It is a playable way when you increase your rollover bet while winning in order to earn more money during the rising hand. And it’s a method of losing play when you increase your bet while losing money to compensate for that lost or later loss. During the playing time


Most of the casino players have used this method, or at least read about the most popular losing gamble method known as the Martingale. Rolling bets have been around for decades. But most of us disagree with this approach.

Martingale is a simple rollover betting method by increasing the stakes during the losing game based on the belief that I must win some! While the theoretical truth How to make rollover bets during this losing game? In the end, the extra bet is lost and it doubles the previously lost bet instead.

For example:

Lose 100

Bet increased to 200

play again

Increase bet to 400

and then play again

increased to 800  

play again

increased to 1600

play again

increase to 3200

play again

and increase the bet to 6400

and hope to be able to play

Because most casinos will not allow players to increase their bet from 100 baht to more than 10,000 baht.

The money lost from the rollover bet during the losing play above. Starting from a bet of only 100 baht, which is huge!

If you win at any part of this rollover bet, you win. The play money is still considered your 100 baht funds only. It takes a lot of risk to play just to get your first 100 baht back. And the sound and the loss of playing during the rollover of the bet as well

You’ve probably seen the compounding issues mentioned above. because the dealer will limit the betting limit, which This kind of rollover can only roll up about 7 times (sometimes 8), so if you have enough time and a billion dollars. You can then get back your lost bets in previous rounds. Just playing to win just one round is enough.

[But it is true that there is a low chance of losing billions in a row. Because you will probably die before you lose to that level. But it should be enough to give you a picture of how bad the rollover bet is during the game.]

Many novice players think they can use the rollover betting system. during this play But the first play of the newbies they will learn a lesson I myself used this method when I first went to a casino a long time ago. I can play for a few days. But then I lost all I had ever played. I placed a bet at the roulette table and as a result, I lost all my bets, which was no fun. I’m a fairly fast learner and that lesson I never forget.


Rollover Betting There are many types and most of them are more risky than normal play.

You can double your bet. So it makes more money than the first bet. The way to bet like this is to bet on 100, 250, 600, 1500, 3500, and 8000.

Or you can play the Big Shot Martingale with 100, 500,1500,4900 and a maximum of 10,000.

You can also play with Martingales Limit Limits, for example bets start at 100, 200, 400 and stop raising bets there and go back to starting at 100 baht again. lose it back

Rolling bets, is it worth trying?

Not at all. The reason is because basically the rollover betting method. Gives a very small winning bet, but can take back the lost bets in small increments several times. Try to look at online baccarat. And look at the Sagaming ‘s schedule, and check the scoreboard that’s showing. And you can see that there are seven or eight consecutive losing rolls. It’s not necessary, you shouldn’t risk playing that much.

Techniques for rolling up bets during the up hand

If you’re playing a lot during the upswing. should use a rollover bet method Because the chance that you will lose is small, you should hurry to take advantage of it, but when your luck is good.

The most common form of rollover betting is At play is a system called Paroli or popularly called Parley (distorted from Paroli). There is a lot of doubt as to who “Paroli” is, is he a real person, or an inanimate object or animal. But even then, this method has been around for centuries.

This method wins a double bet three times in a row.

bet 100 wins; 200 wins; 400 wins

Then come back down to bet 100 baht again, totaling 700 baht that can be played.

This Paroli method can be played again as a 4th bet at 800 baht.

If the 3rd bet of $400 wins, 4 consecutive wins are possible.

But the more the bet rollover You could lose all that victory at once.

Even if you lose, it’s not as bad as betting with the other methods mentioned above.

More about the Paroli Betting System

Some casino players enjoy playing parley only once. So when winning bets at 100 baht, you have to increase your bet to 200 baht. If you lose, you start over at 100 baht. It’s a common practice that you will see it when betting on even numbers in roulette games and may This is possible even for two-to-one bets. You may see it on the pass line of crap games. It is often seen in bets placed on the bets, especially on the sixes and eights.

More paroli bets look like this: Bet on 100, 100, 200, 200, 300, 300, 400, 400 and so on! (because of greed)

[Remember that you can play aggressive Paroli as above or medium Paroli in traditional style or anything in between, above or below and the advantage of doing so is if playing black. It will not lose equal to the method of compounding the bet during the losing period. You might be lucky to win in a row and then lose the final parley anyway.]


Adding a compound bet during a losing streak is too risky, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in the casino. if you just go 1-2 times in this lifetime, it’s worth trying (I probably wouldn’t take it) if going to a casino and playing only a few things. It will make your fun of playing less and more and have to face nightmares when going to bed.

Adding a compound bet during the active period is probably best if you want a higher payout. But of course, even if the rollover bet increases during the playable period, the house edge (the house edge) will always hinder you. The capital to play is your money. Play money is your money as well. The casino doesn’t care what the winnings are, but you should. It’s better if all the money played back in the end is back in your wallet. Rather than being a casino’s money That’s the real lesson here.

So which method would you like to choose? Want to win defeat with a stupid Martingale like I did? Or want to win by increasing your bet to get more money? Or do you just want to gamble and have some fun at the UFABET casino, which may or may not be playable