How to drink green tea Get good health and lose weight.

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Green tea is a drink that is good for health. High in antioxidants Helps you look younger than your age. Green tea is also a drink that has weight loss properties . Today we have a way to drink green tea. To gain health benefits Plus it helps you lose weight.

How to drink green tea Get good health and lose weight.

Drink the right amount

drinking green tea Get the most benefit You should drink 4 – 5 cups per day. This will cause the body to receive no more than 200 milligrams of caffeine. If you drink too much, it will cause irritability and insomnia.

Dangers of drinking too much green tea

drinking green tea or too much black tea It will cause the body to absorb certain nutrients such as folic acid and several important vitamins. For pregnant women, you should drink less green tea. Just 2 cups a day. It’s best to stop drinking green tea altogether. Green tea also stops the body from absorbing iron. Therefore causing fatigue easily. Drinking a lot can cause dizziness due to low platelets. For heart disease patients Be careful not to drink too much green tea. Because it will make your heart beat strong. Until it can cause a heart attack. Drinking green tea before bed will prevent insomnia.

Drink green tea to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight by drinking green tea, you must choose green tea that is brewed from a bag only. Don’t choose to drink green tea that’s already been bottled. This is because it is full of sugar. In addition to not making you thin It may also cause weight gain. To brew green tea, start by boiling the water. Then put the tea bag in and wait about 2 – 3 minutes. Take out the tea bag and drink it immediately. Green tea should be drunk while it is still warm. Drinking cold green tea May cause stomach pain. Green tea contains catechins. which has the ability to burn fat If you drink continuously It will reduce fat. Makes you not want to eat snacks or desserts Therefore making it easier to lose weight.

Drink green tea after meals

You should drink green tea while eating. It will make you lose weight better. Drinking after eating is also effective for weight loss. So after the meal You should prepare green tea. Drinking green tea regularly after eating has become a habit. It will help reduce the habit of eating in small bites. Makes you feel full and comfortable, not easily hungry, causing continuous weight loss.

drinking green tea You should drink the right amount. If you drink too much May cause the heart to beat faster and become irritable. The appropriate amount to drink is 4 – 5 glasses per day. Drinking green tea after eating. It will reduce fat. Reduce cravings for sweets Makes it easier to lose weight