Baccarat system 1326 formula. Baccarat formula that is intended to take back the lost money.

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Today UFABET will come to get to know Baccarat system 1326 formula how to play this system What are the rules of play? and can change the tactics of playing baccarat online using 1326 rules. What kind? Secretly whisper that this formula is strong to claim the money that has been played from you effectively.

Baccarat system formula 1326

Baccarat system 1326 formula is a simple, easy to use system. It is a system intended to recover lost money. And it is a system that is designed to play profitably with short successive wins and limit playing


This system is, as the name suggests, playing 1, 3, 2, 6 respectively.

When losing any turn in the order of play in the system then start counting one over again Winning all 4 turns according to the system will make a profit of 12 units.

Baccarat system 1326 formula is a positive betting system. Because players do not have to increase their bets in order to get back their lost money. And the bet amount is still within the controllable range. which is different from some systems

Players will start betting with 1 unit, which before playing must determine how many baht 1 unit is equal to and if any turn loses, start betting at 1 unit again.

If the player wins in the first turn of the bet The next turn starts betting at 3 units and if it loses or loses it goes back to starting at 1 new unit, and if winning in the turn that bets 3 units, the next turn bets with 2 units. If losing, this turn returns to start. Starting at 1 unit as well, but after winning in the turn that bets 2 units, the next turn bets with 6 units. After this 4th turn, the player must return to start at 1 unit again, whether losing or winning.

How the 1326 system baccarat formula works

The details of this betting strategy are

Losing in the first turn will lose 1 unit bet.

Winning in the first turn but losing in the second loses the stake of 2 units ( +1 -3 ).

Win the first 2 turns but lose the 3rd turn, you will get a profit of 2 units ( +1 +3 -2)

Winning the first 3 turns but losing in the 4th turn is considered not lost ( +1 +3 +2 -6 )

And finally, if you win all 4 in a row, you will get a total of 12 units of profit ( +1 +3 +2 +6)

It must be remembered that this and other systems are effective and profitable. If bets are made in a ratio of 1:1. Should bet on the player’s side, not the banker’s side.

If the player changes the bet in the last turn according to the system 6 units. It will be placed as a bet with a larger stake. It will make the amount bet in that round More than the amount of the first three eyes bet and win. It’s better for players to play the amount that doesn’t make themselves lose money.

The theory under this betting method is that there is always a possibility of successive wins or consecutive losses. Some players may continue to lose despite playing with this system. Or they may win continuously until they are unthinkable at all.

Most of the time, players tend to win or lose around 2-3 in a row, which can happen in this type of playing system. But if a player can win 4 consecutive turns. It can be seen that the profit is quite good with very little risk of loss.

advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the 1 3 2 6 baccarat system

The main advantage of this betting system is that players lose a limited amount of money. Because players do not have to increase their bets after losing to get their lost money back.

Disadvantages of the 1 3 2 6 Baccarat System

Excluding that this is a betting system which is just a system to play but cannot change the house edge then. It doesn’t have any obvious disadvantages, if you don’t try it, you might lose your chances to win big money.

And can’t win continuously in playing for a long time, but it’s not bad if you look at the possibility of getting a profit, even if it’s slow but sure.

This system can also be used to determine which tables to play at the casino are winning continually or not. But it can be applied to online casinos as well. By using the 1326 betting system, it is possible to know which online casinos are suitable for playing.

What We Want You to Know Before Playing Baccarat Online

If you go to play baccarat online, then be careful. Cheating of unreliable websites is good because if being cheated by a gambling website then solving. The problem will be much more difficult than the process of verifying credibility before playing.

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