Beginner’s Guide to Playing Tiger-Dragon (Dragon-Tiger)

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welcome to UFABET Today we will present play guide Dragon Tiger card game It is the basic information that every novice gambler should know. To use as a guideline for betting, Dragon tiger has a betting style similar to Baccarat. Today we will explain the betting patterns and procedures in detail.

Beginner’s Guide to Tiger-Dragon Basics

Tiger-Dragon (Dragon tiger) is a card game with similar betting characteristics as baccarat. The difference is that the Dragon Tiger will use only one card to decide the win and lose and no more cards will be drawn. And this is the highlight that makes the members choose to play because In addition to knowing the results quickly, you can also choose a betting style and give a high payout rate. Before going to see the process of playing, let’s get to know the basic betting rules first.

Tiger-Dragon Betting Rules

  1. Dragon tiger game has 3 betting options: TIE (Tie), DRAGON (Dragon), TIGER (Tiger).
  2. When the game starts, the player has 15 seconds to bet. Once the time is up, the dealer will show the cards.
  3. Counting the points of each big card will have different points, such as K=13, Q=12, J=11, A=1, 2-10. The points are counted according to the face number.
  4. The result of the win or loss is determined by the score of each side, whichever side has more points is the winner.
  5. In the event that both sides have the same score If betting on Tiger or Dragon Player must lose half of their bet.
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What are the menu options on the bet page?

  • The bet duration is 15 seconds.
  • Betting Boards and Betting Forms
  • The minimum bet chip starts at 10 baht.
  • Betting statistics for each turn

Dragon tiger payout ratio

  • Win a dragon, payout ratio 1:1
  • Betting on Tiger wins, payout ratio 1:1
  • Always bet, payout ratio 8:1

Teach the process of playing the new Tiger Dragon card game.


The first step after logging in to the sagame web page is to go to live casino mode. There are 4 camps to choose from. Today we will give an example of playing Dragon tiger from DreamGaming camp.


When entering the lobby, select a card game, Dragon Tiger, press play and follow the steps below.

play guide
  1. Choose betting chips, players can choose to place a minimum bet of only 10 baht.
  2. Choose the desired bet style. Players have 15 seconds to place bets. Once the timer expires, the dealer will show the cards.
  3. Which side has the most points wins. The result of the bet will be displayed in the upper left hand corner.

It’s over for a guide to play dragon tiger or Dragon tiger. Every betting process that we have explained above. It’s basic information for beginners who are new to stabbing. However, players can find more information on their own. If anyone is interested in joining the fun with online casino games, they can apply for membership at sagame, a popular online gambling website that is available 24 hours a day.